Under our real estate and property law practice we guide clients on how to acquire and transfer title to land which commences with conducting due diligence search at the land registry to authenticate the genuineness of land documents after which documents to transfer or acquire title to land can be prepared and perfected.

We prepare these documents which transfer title between the buyer and seller of a property viz:

  1. Deed of Assignment,
  2. Deed of Mortgage,
  3. Deed of Conveyance,
  4. Deed of Lease,
  5. Tenancy Agreement,
  6. Contract of Sale of Land, and
  7. Joint Venture Agreement.

We also help real estate owners to apply and obtain Governor’s consent and Certificate of Occupancy (CofO) which legally protects their interest over the property and also manage properties for and on behalf of clients across the world. We have close ties with property developers and real estate companies in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada and Dubai who engage our legal services in different aspects of real estate law and property development.

Real estate or property maybe land or building and the agreement entered into between parties involved will govern who may own and use the land upon monetary compensation for the value of the property and period to be covered in the usage.

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